Writer: Jean Brewer

As a writer, I am most attracted to things that interest me to write about. And strangely enough, funerals come into that category.

This comes from when I was a florist (my pre-professional writing days), and my main source of income was from the Funeral Director and their clients. Funerals are sad, they can be almost unbearable with emotion.

But to be able to bring comfort to the family and friends of the deceased through my work, was very rewarding.

A florist becomes the confidant to many a client, and you learn to become more than just the florist; you become an extension of the Funeral Director.

The knowledge picked up through personal experience is invaluable.

For example,  I knew the casket floral arrangement (the one that sits on top of the casket) had to be a certain height, or it wouldn’t fit on top of the casket in the hearse during its journey to the church or cemetery.

This background knowledge has now become useful for me again when I write about funerals and things related to them. A certain amount of respect and reverence is expected, and having background knowledge and experience of the funeral process certainly helps.

I add to my knowledge by doing effective research, which I always find fascinating.

Words, not flowers, are now my tool of choice, and I still enjoy being able to make the funeral process less intimidating for people.

I have been writing professionally now for many years.   The funeral topic is one that is almost avoided, it isn’t something people talk about. But people need to know because knowledge is power, and power takes away fear.

Writing effectively is always a learning curve that I never tire of.