Most Coffins Decompose, This Is Why

If you want to know whether coffins decompose, I’ve written an article that explains everything for you.

Burial locations, materials, and even embalming all affect the answer, as you’ll see.

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Proper Highway Etiquette for Funeral Processions

Understanding proper etiquette for a highway funeral procession can be difficult.,/p>

This post describes funeral procession procedures and details the proper etiquette to use when driving in or encountering funeral processions.

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The Reason People Die with Their Eyes Open

While we tend to associate open eyes with death, your eyes can actually be open or closed when you die.

This article explores the biology behind what happens to your eyes and eyelids when you die, and the superstitions behind open eyes at death.

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What You Can Hear After You Die, the Full Guide

If you want to know whether you can hear after you die, this article reveals all.

Learn about clinical death, biological death, what happens in between, and the experiences of those who have contributed to research.

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The Length of Time a Body Stays in Its Grave

The amount of time a body stays in its grave is dependent on biological factors, as well as the potential for the grave to be relocated or reused.

This article gives the answer, and also covers the factors that control how long a body remains in its grave, as well as burial plot legality in the United States.

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When They Put Shoes on the Dead, and Why

Do you want to know whether funeral directors put shoes on the dead? This article reveals all.

Learn more about limitations or rules you should be aware of. I reveal whether they are worn during the viewing, burial or cremation, or both.

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The Churches You Can and Cannot Have a Funeral at

When choosing a church for a funeral, the religion of the church and the religion of the funeral or deceased may influence where the funeral can be held.

To learn more about the stipulations of the main religious bodies in the United States, read on.

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