The Churches You Can and Cannot Have a Funeral at

When choosing a church for a funeral, the religion of the church and the religion of the funeral or deceased may influence where the funeral can be held.

To learn more about the stipulations of the main religious bodies in the United States, read on.

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How Long After Death You Can Have an Open Casket Funeral

The ability to have an open casket funeral is entirely dependent on the state of the deceased’s body.

In this article, I will talk about the embalming process, how it works, and how it has allowed us to extend the interval after death in which an open-casket funeral can be held.

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The Best Colors for the Deceased to Wear at the Funeral

One of the many decisions that must be made when planning a funeral or burial is what color the deceased’s clothing will be.

To help you understand your options, this article discusses what to consider when choosing an outfit color and the dress requirements associated with the different funeral services and burial options.

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Can Non-Mormons Attend the Funeral Services of Mormons?

Mormon funerals are one of the only Mormon ceremonies that you can attend as a non-Mormon.

To understand more about the Mormon belief on death and the afterlife, when you can attend a Mormon funeral, and the proper etiquette to follow when you attend, read on.

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The 5 Reasons We Use Coffins

Coffins and caskets are still used today because they are both practical for the funeral home and cemetery and comforting for the loved ones of the deceased.

This article shows the difference between caskets and coffins, the history of the casket industry in the United States, and the reasons we still rely on them today.

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Everything You Need to Know About Interment Funerals

An interment is defined as the ritual act of placing the deceased’s body in the ground. But how does it differ from a burial or a funeral?

This article includes a definition of the word interment, a discussion of the various types of interments, and what to expect at an interment ceremony.

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The Full Meaning of Open Casket Funerals

An open casket funeral is a funeral at which the coffin is open, and people can see the deceased’s body.

This article discusses what to consider before having an open casket funeral and the proper etiquette when attending one.

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